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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 3 - Watch Dhanrajs Shocking Prank [Star Maa]

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 3 [Dhanrajs Shocking Prank]

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 3 [Dhanrajs Shocking Prank]:  Yesterday In the Bigg Boss Telugu House Actor dhanraj did something special where all the other contestants went into shock with the help of other Bigg Boss Contestant.
bigg boss telugu episode 3

Bigg Boss Telugu has been started and yesterday was the Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 3 which was something different.

All the Viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu were shock by the dhanraj's prank

Click Here to watch

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2 - Watch Online For Free [Star Maa]

Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2 - Watch Online Free : Do you know Bigg Boss Telugu Has started and yesterday was 2nd Episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Reality show where Ntr Is hosting the show through Star Maa.
Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2 watch online

In this post you can watch Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2 Onlince  Without Paying single Penny for free.

Watch Below The Bigg Boss Telugu Episode 2 and Tommorow 3 On Bigg Boss Telugu Realted Blog.


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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Exclusive: Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant List [Just Updated Confirmed List]

Bigg Boss Telugu Exclusive Contestants List

Hindi Television’s Controversy Child Bigg Boss, is all set to entertain Telugu audience. The excitement of Biggboss Telugu hosted by N T Rama Rao begins today.  As the season is commencing, several rumours about the possible participants has seen a surge. We exclusively reveals the contestant list of the season. In the first season of Bigg Boss in Telugu, following celebrities can also be a part of the show:

  • Shiva Balaji 
  • Mumaith Khan 
  • Tejaswi Madivada
  • Dhanraj Adarsh 
  • Sampoornesh Babu 
  • Archana Madhu 
  • Priya Kalpana 
  • Mahesh kathi 
  • Jyothi Sameer 
  • Hari Teja 
  • Katthi Kartheeka

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bigg boss telugu

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting 2017: Via Missed Call,Online Google Voting [Update]

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting System 2017

Jr. NTR all set to surprise TV space with Bigg Boss Telugu. Yes. Jr. NTR is the Entertainer Host for the Bigg Boss Telugu. Here is the Voting points of interest for the Top 12 Celebrities Contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu on Star Maa Channel. Perceive How to vote on Google or Vote by means of SMS Missed Call Numbers. 

Bigg boss telugu vote 2017

All the Top 12 Celebrities set to Compete with each other in House in eyes of 60 moving cameras through 70 days in 1 Bigg House. Vote in favor of your Favorite Celebrities and make them victor. 

The 12 Celebrities Contestants all set to Stay inside Bigg Boss Telugu House for 70 Days and they will be Surrounded by 60 Cameras and cut off from the outside world in 1 Bigg House. Meet the Celebrities Contestants who are set to Stay in House for 70 Days. 

It's your opportunity to Judge the Contestants in light of their Performances and Vote for the One who you think should Win. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Procedure or Steps

Continue Watching Bigg Boss Telugu each Saturday-Sunday 9 PM on Star Maa Channel and Furthermore Watch it from Monday to Friday 9:30 PM. 

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Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants or Participants List With Images [Latest]

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show with Jr. NTR to take off from 16th July 2017 on Star Maa Channel. On 16th of July the Telugu Television market will be Scaling new Hights with the Launch of the greatest ever Television reality demonstrate Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show with Contestants on Star Maa. The Young Tiger NTR all set to have the Show interestingly on little screen.

The 12 Celebrities Contestants all set to Stay inside Bigg Boss House for 70 Days and they will be Surrounded by 60 Cameras and cut off from the outside world in 1 Bigg House. Meet the Celebrities Contestants who are set to Stay in House for 70 Days.

Bigg Boss Show is extraordinary in light of the fact that there is no script and the customary word "cut" is never articulated by the executive. The Cameras - 60 of them roll constantly for the whole Season.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants 2017 List

There have been Several Speculations on Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants. The Confirmed List is Still Awaited. 

bigg boss telugu contestants

The buzz on the online networking likewise guarantees that Dhanraj, who is one of the well known Telugu entertainers, has been drawn nearer and the on-screen character has evidently consented to be one of the contenders on Bigg Boss Telugu. 

Another buzz is that Srimukhi, who is an on-screen character turned-TV grapple, has been drawn nearer by the producers of the show. The Adurs have is said to have given her gesture to be a member on the show. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants are Tough Competitors among each other and They are Set to make it truly intense in Bigg Boss Telugu House by living by their own specific manners. 

Try not to Miss Bigg Boss Telugu Every Saturday, Sunday 9 PM and Monday to Friday 9:30 PM on Star Maa TV Channel. 

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Bigg Boss Telugu Starting Date & Registration Details [NTR Bigg Boss]

Bigg Boss Telugu Starting Date Announced:

July 16 th Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show

Bigg Boss Telugu Registration:Try not to be overpowered with the Title!!! Simply hold up to become acquainted with the things in points of interest. It is certain that the welcomed big names will be the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants for Season 1 and this lifts the show too. It's notable the show was much like the Hindi variant.

Bigg Boss telugu Starting Date 2017

On the off chance that you are a consistent watcher of Hindi Version of Bigg Boss, at that point you may know the things well. Salman Khan enables ordinary citizens to Bigg Boss House in season 10, and we think about the reaction. So we are trusting a similar will rehash in Telugu form too and it may be somewhat ahead of schedule too (Might be in coming seasons).

So here we thought to compose an entire guide on Bigg Boss Telugu Registration, and this Guide will be more will be more useful in the wake of opening the enrollments. This Guide is only a supposition and is simply to teach the Bigg Boss Fans with the goal that they can't miss the shot of going into the Bigg Boss House. We will consistently refresh the connections (we will put the official enlistment interface if opened).

It's ideal to Bookmark This Guide or to try and spare this page in the event that you are longing for taking an interest the truth appear with our Young Tiger <3.So Let's Start.

Requirements to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu

There are no special requirements to fill up the registration form. You just need some accurate date to get notified about it.So anyone can fill the registration form.

How to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu

You just need to wait for some time with this guide. But What if someone is already ready for this, do you want to lose the chance? The answer will be a big No’s let’s get ready with the following this as the notification might be announced at any time.

Things needed before the actual Bigg Boss Registration

We recommend you to save the following details in a notepad, and it will be easy during registration.

  • Name
  • A valid email address
  • Your permanent address
  • City
  • State
  • Pin code
  • Contact Number (Update it with your number)
  • Birth date (For Age Consideration)
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Reason for being in the show (Have a solid reason to impress the panel)
  • Your social profiles.


Along with them have an HD video of yours as there might need to upload it during registration? Make sure you are uploading the best video with Good quality.
Upload the latest photograph only
If you got selected, you would be intimated with an email or call. So it’s better to provide the exact details 
                                  REGISTRATION FORM[Official Link will be updated after announcement]

Note: This Guide was written by keeping the Hindi version in mind. If Maa Releases the official registration, then the process will be updated. Hope there will be no major changes.

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Bigg Boss Telugu Host By Jr.Ntr From Tollywood [Star Maa]

Bigg Boss Telugu Host : I know that you are In dailomo that who Is going to Host for Bigg Boss Season 1 In Telugu For this Year 2017. I you want to know about this Bigg Boss Telugu host you are at right place.

Bigg Boss Telugu was the discussion of Tollywood town since a week.The speak is about the uproarious news,Bigg Boss Telugu TV show Manager will be facilitated by one of the star saints, and it makes the buzz everywhere throughout the Tollywood. Before bringing you the real news, let me clear you the reasons which made such buzz among the film fans.

bigg boss telugu host ntr
Bigg Boss Telugu Host [Star Maa]

Bigg Boss In Hindi was the parent of all the bigg manager appears in India was facilitated by Salman Khan which form 2010 who had a decent fan base all over India, and he prevailing with regards to staying gathering of people with his talks.Similarly, Sudeep and Kamal Hassan are the hosts for Kannada and Tamil adaptations respectively.

What about the host for Bigg Boss Telugu? 

I already Reveled [Jr. Ntr] Host of Bigg boss Telugu presented by Star Maa.

Makers set aside the opportunity to report the host after the dispatch of bigg Boss Telugu manager .This is the one thing makes the degree to make a ton of gossipy tidbits by saying their most loved saint will going to have it.And now the hold up is over.

Jr.NTR tweet about Hosting Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 :

Jr.NTR has confirmed himself through twitter tweet as he is going to host the telugu version of Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show. Also Jr.NTR told that this bigg boss telugu show which is hosted on TV Platform will be Quite Challenging.

Actually the Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Is Presented by EndemolShine .

Bigg Boss Telugu To Host By Jr. NTR : 

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show host

It is very good news for Jr.NTR Fans that Jr.NTR going to host Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Through Star Maa.

Now each fan of Jr.NTR can see him for every week or day Is not yet Confirmed.

bigg Boss Telugu Host Season 1

Pic: Media Article 

TV9 Channel Has Telecasted about Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Seasion 1:

Bigg Boss Telugu Host Remuneration :

I saw a considerable measure of, truly some troll and supporting posts via web-based networking media in regards to the compensation thus I just have idea of giving an unmistakable about this to my blog Subscribers.Don't stress; I am here with enough Genuine proof.It's come to realize that compensation will be high as normal yet the arrangements were yet out.There is no official declaration in regards about Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show to it.So You, please subscribe us from the underneath box to get the most recent updates about compensation straightforwardly to your inbox.


You just came to know that Who Is going to Host Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Through Star Maa Which is presented by EndemolShine. He is non-other than Jr.NTR to host the Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show and some more details have been explored In the above article.

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